A Note from our Neighborhood Resident Sandy Diebler

A Note from our Neighborhood Resident Sandy Diebler

Here’s a note we received from one of our long time residents about the car break-ins that happened recently in our neighborhood. Thank you Sandy!:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Neighborhood watch Captain. My name is Sandy Deibler and have lived at 751 Deans Creek Dr for 27 years. I am a Veteran of the U.S. Army, worked 30 years at Proctor and Gamble Pharmaceuticals, and am now in business with my college fraternity brother / roommate.

I would also Thank Bob Castleman for his many years of service as our Watch Captain(retired ).

I want to follow up on the report that on January 15 late at night there were a number of robberies of UNLOCKED cars on the front street. The Collierville police are investigating these robberies.

I attended the Neighborhood Watch annual meeting put on by the Town of Collierville and Police Department. The following are four ways in which they said to protect yourself and property.

1. The first was to be observant of your surroundings when returning home day or night. There have been instances of crooks following folks home for a quick robbery and escape. They said to not sit in your car talking on the cell phone in your driveway. If you pull into your garage close the door after turning the engine off.

2. If you have a fenced yard and /or storage building they recommended to lock your gates and also lock the building.

3. This one is so simple, they said to lock your vehicles day or night. The unlocked vehicle is an easy quick target for these people.

4. They said to ensure your garage door is closed day or night, as an open door is an invitation for a crook to go shopping.

Please stay vigilant and safe.
Sandy Deibler

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