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Useful Links & Information

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Collierville Town Contacts:
Got a question for a Collierville Town Official? You may click below to send an email to each of the town officials listed below. Please feel free to ask our city officials questions about Collierville.

Position Name Email Link
Mayor Stan Joyner Jr. Email Me
Alderman Maureen Fraser Email Me
Alderman Mike Russell Email Me
Alderman Tony Sarwar Email Me
Alderman Tom Allen Email Me
Alderman Jimmy Lott Email Me
Town Administrator James Lewellen Email Me
Asst. Town Administrator Chip Petersen Email Me
Town Planner Jaime Groce Email Me
Town Engineer Matt Thomson Email Me
Public Information Officer Mark Heuberger Email Me
Chief of Police L. E. Goodwin Email Me
Building & Codes Mike Crossnine Email Me

Useful Links:

If you know of a Website that could be beneficial to others, please let us know, and we will get it posted

Collierville TN

Collierville Animal Shelter

State of Tennessee – You can renew your Drivers’ License On Line

Professional Licensure Check – Here is where you can find info about Dr’s, Nurses, etc. You can see if they have any complaints on their TN record –

Better Business Bureau

Shelby County Property Assessor’s Office

Germantown’s Website

IRS Website

MS Office Template gallery for Word, etc.

Shelby County’s Website

The Commercial Appeal

The City of Memphis Website

Mid-South Race Calendar – For runners, triatheletes, etc.

Shelby Farms Website

Garbage Pickup Info

Holiday Pickup Schedules

The following Holidays will be observed as Holidays for the Town of Collierville sanitation employees:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday
  • July 4th
  • Christmas Day
  • Good Friday
  • Labor Day – Monday

In weeks that include a holiday collection schedule, notices will be posted in both local newspapers, The Commercial Appeal, and on the Collierville Information Channels 17 & 19 on COMCAST CATV. Holiday collection schedules can also be checked 24 hours a day by calling 853-3215.

Residents will receive one (1) pick-up per week of household garbage in green-wheeled cart, recycles in bins, bagged grass/leaves, and tree limbs/brush on their specified collection day. These items must be kept separate for pick-up by four (4) different trucks and must be at curbside by 7:00am. Residential sanitation service $15.00 per month and is billed on your Water/Sewer Usage bill.

Green-Wheeled carts should be filled with bagged household garbage only (i.e. kitchen, bathroom and/or indoor type wastebasket trash only). All household garbage must be in the cart before it will be picked up. Extra garbage placed on top of or beside the cart will not be picked up since an automated truck does this collection. The cart lid should be closed at all times to prevent trash from blowing around your yard/neighborhood. Do not place anything in your cart that prevents the lid from closing. If an extra cart is needed, one may be leased from Town Hall (500 Poplar View Parkway) and delivered to your home without changing your collection rate. Call 457-2240 for more information.

Recyclables should be placed in the special recycle bin provided by the town. All recyclables will be sorted at the truck when picked-up. You may recycle:

  • CANS:
    • Metal (tin) food cans, aluminum beverage cans, rinsed.
    • NO oil or paint cans, aerosol cans, pie plates or ovenware.
  • GLASS:
    • Rinsed food & beverage bottles/jars, clear or colored, labels are


  • NO mirrors, window glass, light bulbs, or pesticide bottles.
    • Rinsed bottles include milk jugs, beverage, shampoo, detergentbottles, etc. Check bottom of bottle for symbol identifying a 1 or 2 inside the symbol.

    • NO foam/Styrofoam, plastic bags, toys, motor oil bottles orpesticides.

    • Loose newspapers only (inserts are okay), and brown paper bags.
    • Newspapers may be placed inside the brown paper bags to keep from blowing out on windy days; do not tie or bound.
    • Office paper & Magazines
    • NO envelopes or phone books.
    • Plastic wrapper from newspaper must be removed and disposed of with household garbage.

Grass/leaves/pine needles should be placed in bags weighing no more than 40  pounds per bag and placed along edge of yard at curbside. However, everyone is encouraged to mulch these items. November 1 to March 31 – loose/unbagged leaves will be picked up at the curb by vacuum machine. Pickup will occur on your regular pickup day if scheduling allows based on workload. During peak leaf collection, the collection equipment may be delayed because of the volume of leaves and number of stops required.

LEAVES: During the Fall Collierville has loose leaf pickup.  If you rake or blow your leaves to the curb Collierville will come by and vaccum those leaves for you.  ETHOA will not site you if you place loose leaves at the curb on saturday or Sunday prior to Tuesday collection.  Remember bagged debri must only be placed at the curb on Tuesdays for collection.

Tree limbs/brush should be cut to approximately 10 feet or less and placed separately from all other items on curbside and free of any obstructions (overhead limbs or wires, light posts, mailboxes, fire hydrants, etc.).

Appliance Pick-Ups

Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, stoves, dish washers, dryers and washing machines will be picked up when placed on your property adjacent to the front property line, but off the street, off the sidewalk, and out of the gutter. Public Services must be notified for a special appliance pick-up of these items at 853-3215.

Extra green-wheeled carts may be ordered at Town Hall and delivered to your home. A $45 non-refundable sanitation-cart fee will be charged for each cart requested. There will be a three cart maximum for all residential customers. Fees are paid at Town Hall offices on 500 Poplar View Parkway and the cart will be scheduled for delivery within three to five days. The use of an extra cart does not change your monthly rate.

Hazardous Chemicals should not be placed inside the green-wheeled cart.

  • Motor oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid can be disposed of at many retailers, such as Wal-Mart, AutoZone and other companies.
  • For more information on drop-off dates, times and locations, call 379-7020 or their website

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