Current Board Members:

Name Address Phone Email
Bob Castleman 741 Autumn Winds Dr. 854.0198 Rcastleman@comcast.net
Brian Issing 1364 Creek Valley Dr. 853.1713 Brian_Issing@hotmail.com
Jan Madison 810 Autumn Winds Dr. 854.4634 janetsmadison@bellsouth.net
Roger Edleman 754 Deans Creek Dr 853.3560 roger.e@bellsouth.net
Anne Smith 791 Autumn Winds Dr. 8509957 austin3521@bellsouth.net
Bryan Dsouza 770 Autumn Winds Dr 752-8409 bryan.dsouza@gmail.com


Bryan D’Souza, 770 Autumn Winds Dr, 901-752-8409, bryan.dsouza@gmail.com

An aerial view of Crosswinds Phase 1 and 2:

An aerial view of the subdivision

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